Monday, October 15, 2012

Recruitment/Bid Day

It has been quite a while since we gave an update on our activities, We apologize (especially to Alumnae).

Last month, Beta Delta completed a successful recruitment full of meeting great girls, bonding as a chapter and of course late night meetings. Despite the lack of sleep, homework time and ridiculous amount of treats KD's consumed.... we were thrilled to welcome 35 new sisters by the end of the week. VP-Membership Heidi Smith and her team put on a beautiful recruitment with each detail clearly thought out.
      Night 1- House tour night
 The week began with a nautical themed house tour night. Party Chair Chandell Culley transformed the house into a sea of KD. Actives had fun getting to meet the potential new members for the first time and make connections.

Night 2- Confidence Party
The second night of recruitment was the time to show potential new members what our Philanthropy is all about. We showed a video explaining our philanthropies and why Kappa Delta has chosen them. VP-Community Service Samantha Burrows then gave a short speech educating the girls a little bit further. The rest of the night was spent crafting fortune cookies with confidence quotes inside and enjoying Girl Scout themed cupcakes. Big shout out to Party Chair Paige Sjoblom for an amazing Confidence party!

Night 3- Preference Night
The final night of recruitment tends to be, by far, the most emotional for both Kappa Deltas and potential new members. The girls who attend the preference party were greeted by a song and then Kappa Deltas shared some of their memories and reasons why they love their sisterhood. The night was absolutely beautiful thanks to Party Chairs Erin Jelmini and Emme Pugmire. 

Finally the stressful week had ended, and KD's were anxiously waiting to see who their new sisters would be. Kappa Deltas headed over to the Quad to meet the new KiDs on the block (our bid day theme). The new members rushed down the stairs by the TSC fountains to meet their new sisters. Hugs and joy were shared and the rest of the night was spent bonding and celebrating at the KD house. VP-Member Education Brooke Lawley worked hard to make Bid Day amazing for the new members!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest Post from Bailey Headrick- KD Alpha Iota (UCLA)

So I left. I quit my job, transferred schools, and packed my bags. I had a one way ticket to the lights and glimmer of New York. I was excited to finally begin a grand adventure, but it wasn’t until I was boarding the plane that I realized everything I was leaving behind: the sunshine of the Golden State, the lively spirit of LA, and the sisterhood that had engulfed my life. The question of why I left often arises, so let me explain. 
I was a first year at the University of California, Los Angeles. LA’s the city of dreams, right? Hollywood, the beach, the sun, the celebrities, but it was too close to everything I’ve ever known - it was all too familiar. But I stayed. I rushed fall quarter and fell in love with a young women I repeatedly talked too. I must say their matching was impeccable! She was the biggest reason I eagerly accepted my bid to Kappa Delta. She was my bid day buddy and later became my big. Since then, Allison has become one of my best friends and current roommate. These things just made the good-bye that much harder. 
The high pressure to do well at such a prestigious university, coupled with working nearly 30 hours a week, left me missing most events. I only saw my sisters between the hours of midnight and four in the morning when we cold be found building dioramas for a GE class, or watching sappy, romantic movies. I was so overly involved on campus and in the community that I wasn’t actually involved in any one thing completely. So I decided to switch gears and do something I’ve always wanted to do -- move to New York. 
At 28-years old, my old boss was transferred to New York and after a year and a half, she invited me to come live with her. Less than twenty-four hours later, I was packing my bags and filing paperwork with UCLA. It was June. I had just finished my freshman year and was ready for something new. It all seemed to fall together too easily. Her lease was up and the two bedroom apartment upstairs was available; Syracuse University was the only university left with open admissions and it was a mile down the street from our loft; my job agreed to transfer me after I quit; and I was finally going to be somewhere I’d never been surrounded by people and things I didn’t know. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic! My previous boss/new roommate/soon-to-be best friend and I were going to take on New York, one adventure at a time! And we did, for awhile. 
My roommate went out of town every Tuesday morning until Thursday night, leaving me with her dog and my friends and co-workers. On the weekends or days we both decided to play hooky, we’d go into the city, grab dinner and catch a broadway show. One Wednesday when she was gone, I was skyping with my best friend, the sister who sewed pieces of sponges together at three in the morning to build me a diorama. I was crying to her about how much I missed her and was going to miss out on date parties, spirit week, football games, and living in the house. She told me the only logical thing to do was eat some chocolate... and then come home. That night I got a call from my roommate telling me her boss was transferring her back to California. She encouraged me to go back now and not miss any of fall quarter. So I did. 
I retreated back to the kind, open arms of my Kappa Delta sisters and the warm weather that LA provided. That fall quarter back was unexplainably amazing. 
Kappa Delta is constantly being surrounded by your best friends; it’s walking into your room after a long day at school or a rough day at work and finding a note on your bed telling you they love you; it’s being able to find someone to watch a movie with at two in the morning when your trying to procrastinate writing a paper; it’s having someone there with you at 4am, post-movie, helping you write the paper that’s due at 10am. Kappa Delta is being able to walk into a classroom, a business office, or a grocery store and seeing a familiar face smile; it’s not having to say a single thing and everyone already knows what your thinking. 
Because of Kappa Delta, I am confident. I pushed myself to run for VP-Public Relations and since have taken part in amazing things for our chapter. I would love to see Alpha Iota continue to grow as a chapter and a sisterhood. Kappa Delta has already given me more than I ever could have asked for. Not only do I have an amazing sisterhood here in LA, but I have sisters all over the country who are there to help without even knowing me. Since joining Kappa Delta, I’ve witnessed miracles. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

Peace Love AOT,
Bailey Headrick 
Alpha Iota VP-Public Relations

Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Plans!

Here's what some of our Kappa Delta ladies will be up to this Summer...

Rachelle Webb(right) will be joining her little Jordan (left) for a trip to Tanzania, Africa to work at an orphanage. They are also planning to go on a safari and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. You will be able to follow the adventures of this Big/Little pair here!

Sophia Clark is taking a Europe trip with Beta Delta Alum Megan Darrington. They are visiting 10 countries and topping off their Europe experience with a month stay in Spain!

Chealsey Leach will be completing a summer internship in Washington, D.C. with the Fund for American Studies program. Chealsey will be studying economic and political systems and staying in the dorms at Georgetown University. 

 Kailin Vannatter will be spending the summer in Europe for the acting program at USU. The group will be performing a play at the Kelmarsh Estate and doing theatre research in London and Italy. They will also attend a theatre festival in Scotland. You can follow Kailin's summer experience here!

Paige Sjoblom will be interning with CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association) in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Paige will have the opportunity of attending the CHA conference and trade show in Rosemont, IL. You can follow Paige's intern adventures here!

Chandell Culley (left) will be participating in the study abroad program with the USU Huntsman school of Business. She will be traveling to Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

 Jenna Black will be completing a summer internship in New York City with Shutterstock Images. She will be working in the Public Relations department. You can follow Jenna's intern experience

Dani Jensen will be spending the summer working in Memphis, Tennessee. She will be working for APT selling alarm systems. 

Have a great summer!

-Beta Delta <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's Day.

This weekend Beta Delta had her annual Mom's Day! It was the perfect spring day for a tea party at the KD house. KD's and their moms showed up to the house in their finest Derby attire (big hats and dresses). Upon arrival, the ladies took pictures by the KD letters and mini tea table (pictured below). A tea and brunch was then served to the lovely ladies. Girls and their mothers donated food for the occasion including brownies, tea scones, cucumber sandwiches, veggies and cupcakes! Following the brunch, Beta Delta and the mothers heard from VP Community Service Samantha Burrows about our philanthropies and what exactly Beta Delta does for the community. VP Standards Chealsey Leach then spoke about the standard of academics BD is held to. Wrapping up the speeches was President Kayleigh Shaughnessy who then gave a mini run down of the year and special events.
Girls and their mothers then got to CRAFT! (A Kappa Delta favorite pastime). A local scrapbooking retailer, Basic Grey, donated tons of crafting supplies as well as gave BD a deal on frames to craft.
The mother daughter bonding continued throughout the day with pictures, fun and more food!

We love our moms!